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Catalina Rueda is a Colombian composer and performer. She loves Renaissance music, Latin American folklore, dances, and folk music of the world. In her music, these worlds merge into a sensory language. She searches for compositional hybrid forms in which composed and improvised music come together. This includes the development of improvisational concepts and their notation. She passionately collaborates with other art disciplines such as poetry/word/text, theatre and dance, seeking shared spaces where the interaction of art disciplines underlies the creative process.

Collaborations include KNM Berlin, Asian Art Ensemble, Mirror Strings, Cologne Vocal Soloists, Trobar e Cantar, Aachen Theatre Orchestra, Duisburg Philharmonic, Stuttgart State Opera, Phoenix Ensemble Munich, Reverberation Percussion, Rungholt Ensemble Hamburg, NMC Ensemble, Duo.Lab 51 and Ensemble I Transiti. Interdisciplinary collaboration with Mien Bogaert, Pia-Rabea Vornholt, Annett Stenzel, Josef Bairlein and Lisa Pottstock, Cia Rinne.  Her music has been performed at several festivals including KNM Contemporaries, Blurred Edges, Neue Musik in Husum, Acht Brücken Festival in Cologne.

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